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Adorn’s Finale part 2

Since last Friday, I have been submerged in testimonies from young men and women who’s lives are changed, not by graphics or clever organization, but by the gathering together in the presence of Christ.

This is the greatest victory: if college students experience Christ simply by gathering to study the Scriptures, be baptized, partake of the Lord’s Supper, sing, eat, and pray, then what we experience at Adorn on a larger scale–as with many similar gatherings across the nation–can be experienced anywhere by the very 20-somethings who have cultivated it for so long. Think of what would happen if these same college students were to siphon this passion into the local church as Jesus instructs us to? (Heb. 10:25). Ahh. I don’t think we would be able to bare the weight of His displayed glory. It’s for this that I hope, pray, and have been confidently preparing for the past four years, with the single-minded vision to experience Jesus together and teach others to do the same.

All of our confidence is in Christ Jesus, who takes Millennials, and creates beauty out of our chaos.

He is the only champion. He is the only hero. And he blessedly gave us Adorn as a set of training wheels, to set our burning affections towards him.

Now, our last Friday is August 24th. We will be devoting this last month to studying the God-given DNA we have experienced over the years, learning from the Scriptures of how we can cultivate this on our own, in community.

We are calling this, The Finale.

We have five weeks left, Adorners. Let’s make them count.

Adorn’s Finale

Adorn made a bittersweet announcement last weekend.

After four wonderful years of gathering together with college students in Carpinteria, Adorn has run her course. God is bringing us all through a wonderful, and needed transition. In this sermon, I give a full length explanation in words that I cannot imitate in a simple blog post. If you want to know more, you can view it here:

Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section.

Thank you for all of your prayers!

4 ways to make a crowded room feel smaller

In a prior post I wanted to bring attention to the problem of community in large groups. One way of bringing community to large groups, is by making large groups feel smaller. In this post are some ways my local church gathering has attempted to accomplish this.


It may seem relatively simple, but asking a newbie to show up and set up chairs, clean, or make coffee, has had some great results at Adorn, but only when the other volunteers are intentional to get to know that person. Serving is very conducive to relationship, and it’s easier to get to know someone when you share a common goal (e.g., greeting people at the door).

Comm groups 

Tribes can develop in a neighborhood pretty organically if you have that type of socialite on the block who can just throw parties. For those who can’t do this, organized community groups are very helpful. Instead of serving at a church, the common bond can be the neighborhood space, bible study, mission, food, etc.


You would be surprised how effective it is to grab a couple socially awkward guys and invite them to shoot guns in the wilderness. Bring a bag of chips and drinks, and conversations will follow shortly after. Or billards. Or a book club. Whatever floats your boat.


This is my favorite cannon for community. When all else fails (or even if it doesn’t) just break out the food. People love gathering around shared meals. It’s not just a way to fill a felt need, but an open table is a loud invitation tot he stranger that they are welcome where you are. No wonder Jesus came “eating and drinking” (Luke 7:34).

How have you created small yet meaningful community?


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