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I completely resonate with your point about sermons. I grew up in churches that used a proof-text or two to launch into an inspirational story or exhortation, and they gave me an adrenaline rush, but I still left emaciated. And it’s not only sermons, but our daily spirituality: how we relate to God can be just as shallow or flimsy if it’s not grounded on the deep beliefs of Scripture.

This line of yours really ministered to me: “We begin to think that knowing OF Jesus is enough, rather than knowing him personally.” True things about Jesus are vital for our spirituality, but they must also affect us deeply.

By: Christy Tue, 11 Jun 2013 17:57:24 +0000 I keep writing and then erasing because there is so much I want to say in agreement with this post. I’m 21 years old and I’m either seeing Christians my age totally on fire and seeking Jesus with an attitude and lifestyle that mirrors that, or people who are just in auto-pilot, not really realizing who it is they believe in and how he yearns for our attention. I’ve been to a few churches where there’s not sound doctrine being preached but a pastor basically saying a couple verses & making the rest of the sermon all about what God can do for us. While it was encouraging when you heard the stories of all God had done, it didn’t stir up much desire to know Jesus personally. Most of the people at these churches were newer Christians & young. If young people are only hearing of what Jesus can do for them, they are worshiping those benefits rather than worshiping him, and conviction about bad doctrine seems nonexistent.

I heard a really good sermon a couple weeks ago about Pilate. Pilate recognized all of who Jesus was & was amazed by it, yet he still denied him in his heart. It was really convicting for me. His attitude could be compared to the “snobbery” attitude you were mentioning. We begin to think that knowing OF Jesus is enough, rather than knowing him personally and surrendering to him. I think that our generation needs a lot of prayer for eyes to be opened to how much we need him – to not only acknowledge the Lord for who he is but to embrace him, worship him, and seek him in prayer & Bible study. Only then, that’s when our hearts are changed and we yearn for right thinking because we are in a close relationship with the Truth.