Evangelism and Social Justice


Kyle Barton on the tension between evangelism and social justice. Great post.

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16. Because of this, evangelism cannot be divorced from the preaching and practicing of justice.

The big question with the pursuit of justice is whether it is personal or institutional. No one denies that justice in the world around us is important. Jesus Himself directed the Pharisees to the practice of justice (Matt. 23:23). But how, why, and to what extent justice should be pursued is debated. Bosch seems to lean heavily toward an institutional approach that is sympathetic to the ethos of liberation theology and the World Council of Churches.

In this approach, the work of the kingdom is focused on social justice, political reform, international tensions, violence, liberation, security, labor-management relations, economic opportunity, full stomachs, human dignity, ecological responsibility, and opportunities for our children.

Christians should do something about the world around them. Something major. Something to enact structural change. They shouldn’t sit around talking about…

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