About DOT

I’m Chris Lazo.  I’m 33.  I’m married to Brianna, and we live in Santa Barbara, CA. We have a daughter, Abby, who likes to dance to Pharrell Williams; and a son, Jude, who likes to sleep to anything. I am also the pastor of preaching and vision for Reality Santa Barbara.

When I’m not with Brianna, Abby, or my church, (or reading books) I am at this blog, as an older millennial writing to younger millennials about how our union with Christ intersects with our ordinary lives, satisfies our souls, and conforms us to His image.

That’s where I got the name, Doctrine on Tap. I want to connect our lives with the word of Christ (doctrines) like a spigot does for liquid; to make doctrine accessible, not by dilution, but by showing its practical application. Because at the end of the day, you don’t go into a tavern to discuss algorithms—you go to quench your thirst.

God, You are my God; I eagerly seek You. I thirst for You; my body faints for You in a land that is dry, desolate, and without water (Ps 63:1, HCSB).

You can also connect with me here…

  1. I’m intrigued on how we prepare and study the word. How many hours does it take u to prepare a sermon??
    Sweet thank u Bruthu. Much love

    • Hey chad,
      It’s different for every preacher–everyone’s got to find what works for them. Also, it depends on the text. But I generally allot 15 hours for a sermon. Sometimes it’s shorter, sometimes it’s longer. One could also say I’ve been preparing for a sermon for the past 7 years since everything I’ve learned in my Christian walk effect what I say in a sermon!

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