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What do these strange laws in Exodus and Leviticus have to do to my life?

What happens when people don’t get healed?

Sometimes people don’t get healed.

I don’t have an answer for you without sounding patronizing, pat, or overly-simplistic. I do have a way of viewing things that may be helpful. Listen to this podcast…

Any thoughts? Objections? Insights? Experiences?

Is the New Testament reliable?

This podcast is the backstory behind today’s blog post:

How can we trust the Bible when we don’t have the original copies??

We can work from what we do we have: Manuscript copies (MSS)

In order to do so… Read the rest of this entry

Discipleship and the Assembly Line Mentality

This is a five minute podcast involving a discipleship dilemma. If you have any thoughts about this, I would love to interact in the comment section. Thanks for listening!


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