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  1. Re: 5 Ways Not to….

    OUTSTANDING! Thank you for presenting these truths. I pray the Holy Spirit will use these words of wisdom to sink into our hearts.

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  3. I came across the image of the evangelist.. I’m trying to find out if there is a copyright on it and if you have the rights to it or know who does. I would like to use it for a slide to go with my message tomorrow evening. Thank you

  4. What a great post! The church really is pro extrovert- altho they won’t really admit it. Ha. Its really interesting to intellectually ponder on the relationship of evangelism and personality. I guess it all boils down to how life is in general: some people have it easier than others. But thats where God comes in isnt it. Letting go of self. All introverts have an issue -some big, some small- with self esteem. Its more than just “liking quiet” IMHO. But yes there are very good ways for God to use all of us. And we csn trust him to show us how.

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