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It’s easy for one or two loose canons to wreck things for the rest of us. This is to protect those of you who are already so chill. I want to thank you for setting that tone.

Comment Policy: Please be polite with your comments. We don’t have to agree on everything, but if you can’t leave a comment without being rude, it will probably get deleted. If your comment is critical, at least make it gracious and constructive. You can tear apart a person’s perspective, but you cannot tear apart an individual; no ad hominem attacks. We do allow robust discussion and critical thought, even if I am the target. Just remember that the people behind the avatars are real. If you are constantly negative, a troll, or just like stirring up controversy, you will get banned and I will send a sad-faced letter to your mother. The definition of terms is left solely up to the moderators of this blog.


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